Friday, December 11, 2009

March Madness

Oh yeah, baby! From the super scintillating to just plain awesome, the adrenaline levels are off the charts! This tournament is the P-T-Per of tournaments! It's awesome, baby!

Oh, sorry, got stuck in Dickie V. mode there for a second. Anyway, just needed to vent a little bit. The NCAA is apparently considering options on expanding the already-65 team field for the men's college basketball tournament. Say what? I understand there's always some whining about who got in and who didn't, but in reality, once you subtract out the automatic bids, we're talking about teams that weren't in the top 25 of college basketball. And if you weren't in the top 25, well, you didn't have much of a chance of winning anyway. So while the selection process isn't perfect, the reality is that it is pretty good and it's definitely "good enough."

I mean honestly, if the NCAA wants to change something, give us a FOOTBALL playoff! But messing with basketball is silly. But okay, let me throw out an idea. If they want to increase revenue and improve the tournament, how about considering making the Final Four a double elimination tournament? So you make it to the Final Four and then you still can lose one game and win the championship. That adds two (or perhaps three) games, but those are BIG games. HUGE. I think most fans would prefer that to another earlier weekend slammed with too many games to watch anyway.


Jane Elizabeth said...

I don't know. Just about everyone I know wants an extra weekend with double the field.
Is the head spinning grinch new? Please tell me it is.

Donnie Barnes said...

You've GOT to be kidding me. WHY? They want another weekend of blowout games (mostly) all crammed in so tight you can't actually watch many of them anyway? What's the point? It just extends the season by a week and makes the conference tournaments that much more worthless. *sigh*

lono said...

Who are you hanging out with, Jane?

Digging the flowing waterfall, BTW.

I'm sure the Nature Conservancy appreciates that you bunny-hop over streams whenever possible.

Jane Elizabeth said...

You, Steve, I hang out with you. I've heard this multiple times in our circle of friends...

and Steve, the mention of the waterfall...anything to do with me?