Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting up early?

I don't know what's happened to me as I get older, but I've noticed I'm waking up earlier and earlier and it's harder and harder to go back to sleep. I fought it and fought it. Then I fought it occasionally, and just got up otherwise. It all sucked. But now I'm starting to realize that life is better if I just get up early.

It would seem my body requires a little less sleep than it used to. I used to really need nine hours at a minimum. But now I'm good with as little as six or seven without major ramifications. What's even better is I don't mind getting up early on vacation. In fact, I prefer it because I go ahead and bike or run before it gets so hot and I've been playing outside and lose ALL motivation to get my exercise in that I want to do.

The next logical step? I might learn how to nap occasionally. It almost happened yesterday, but I predict it will happen at some point during this vacation.


Jane Elizabeth said...

all signs of getting old...

lono said...

how about you get up early and update this blog? it's been 2 weeks for crying out loud.