Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things I Dislike

I started to call this "Things I Hate", but I'm trying to avoid the word hate for some reason. I'm not sure I even know exactly why, other than I think it should be reserved as a very strong word, but it's so overused that it isn't. So that's one thing I dislike right there.

Another thing I dislike? Umbrellas. Read Holly's blog about them and you'll get an intro to my disdain. The much more elegant alternative, in my opinion, is the rain coat. It doesn't take nearly as much space when walking in a crowd. Now, if you have to carry stuff that can't get wet, that's a whole different problem, but they make waterproof stuff carriers, too. In all different shapes and sizes.

Want more? Sun tan lotion. I know, it's a necessary evil. I use it. But I really, really, don't like it. I've tried a good many different types and brands, and it's really hard to find something that works well for true highly active people outdoors. Seems like most of what you find that's good in those situations (ie. won't wash off, sweat off, etc, and actually works) also stinks to high heaven and or feels greasy all over you. Ugh!

Last thing (for today), bug spray. Yeah, bugs are annoying, I admit. But I have zero inclination to cover my skin with some chemical so toxic that bugs can't stand it. I mean its your skin. You do know your skin is the largest organ in/on your body, right? That's right, it's an organ. A vital system in helping keep you alive. Burn enough of it and you DIE, for example. And it doesn't take as much as you think. And it really is all about your skin here, not burning underlying parts of you. So why cover it with some strange chemical just to keep a few pesky little critters off you? It's unfortunate that mosquito borne diseases are getting so prevalent, but I'll still take my chances there.

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