Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Travel Tip

So, they won't let you take drinks through security at the airport, but they will let you take an empty bottle. Do that and fill it with water from a water fountain when you get through. Bang, instant $3 savings on buying a bottle of water, and you're reusing a bottle instead of buying yet another one. Empty before return leg and use again. And again. And again....

This one courtesy of my friend, Johnny.


Lima Bean said...

When you start posting green tips on your blog, it means you've been hanging out with Alisa too much. Just kidding. I find myself doing it too. She's rubbing off on us all. Thanks for the good tip.


Donnie Barnes said...

lol. If only I could get my wife to carry her own grocery bags to the store! Those things are accumulating like wild here. Argh.

Lima Bean said...

If she needs some bags to take to the grocery store, I might just have to introduce her to etsy. . . :-)
but I won't because Alisa always tells me how much she likes your UPS man.