Sunday, August 31, 2008

How to start a Stihl

Stihl makes some of the best two stroke small engine machines in the world. Everything from leaf blowers to chainsaws to string trimmers. The best tip I ever got to nirvana when it comes to getting those small machines started is really simple.

Close the choke. Turn on switch. Do not touch throttle. Pull start cord. Should only take once or twice before it "hits." By that I mean it almost fires but doesn't. Open choke. Pull cord and it should start on the first or second try. Works for me EVERY SINGLE TIME. If you leave the choke closed, you will flood the carb and it won't start until you let it sit for a while. But follow those steps exactly and you'll be in two stroke nirvana, too. Probably works for other brands, but why would you buy another brand?!?

Many engines require the choke to be closed until it's completely started and warms up some. Not so with the Stihl. Just use it to get fuel to the carb, then open it up and it'll fire with no choke. And they just run forever if you keep a proper fuel mix in them.

This post is dedicated to Alisa, leaf blower lover.


Lima Bean said...

Do you use Google Analytics? If so, you should start noticing if this post brings random strangers to your blog through google search engine. It would be so interesting. Just imagine if someone has a stihl and they can't get it to start, so they google "how to start a stihl" and your blog post comes up.

I love google analytics. Some of the searches that have brought random people to my blog include: "how to freeze lima beans", "apple juice jugs reuse", "i love lima beans and children's songs", and the one that takes the cake by far "bullet-shaped cabachons"--what the heck?

This is practically a whole blog post in itself. Hmmm, maybe you'll be seeing this again.

Donnie Barnes said...

Hahaha. Yeah, Alisa introduced me to how wonderful Analytics is. I'm addicted to it! She'll tell you it's just about the amount of hits I get, but it is more than that.

I actually don't have nearly as much interesting search info as you. But like you say, this one can't hurt!

Lis said...

Aw, I can hear its dulcet tones in my head right now. How I look forward to next week and the landscapers running their Stihls for 8 hours straight.

Also: TRIVIA. I'm just saying.