Sunday, November 23, 2008

It oughtta be a law!

There really ought to be a law that hotels must advertise the height of their shower head. I'm really sick of hotels that have shower heads at 5'6" or so when I'm 6'2". It's a serious pain to use those, and I really think it could be a safety issue. While we can't really mandate what height hotels put them at, I think having to advertise the height would cause more hotels to fix their low shower heads for fear of losing business, and if they don't at least people like me could choose their hotels accordingly.


Lady Holiday said...

Maybe you can start a website where travelers from all over the world measure the height of the shower-heads in whatever hotel they go to and send you the information, resulting in an international database that can be referenced by tall (or otherwise concerned) people.

Donnie Barnes said...

Not a bad idea, but it might be even easier to talk Orbitz or Travelocity into adding it. Hmm.

allie said...

my dad would strongly agree with this post.

maddog said...

Why not add the other things that annoy people?

o Too few electric outlets (or already filled with hotel junk...or behind heavy bed headboards)

o Amazingly expensive Internet connections

I am tired tonight, but since I am traveling a lot over the next few days I will make a list.


jeepmama said...

wow...advantage #2 to being short! Woot!!!!

Advantage #1 was that I could still go down the kids corkscrew slide on the Disney Cruise. Height limit was 5'4"...LOL!

(No...I didn't go.)