Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dry Ice Bomb

These are pretty fun to do. I just need more 2 liter bottles!

Check it out on Facebook for a much higher resolution version if you're one of my Facebook friends. Hopefully Troy will get video hosting working at some point soon and I'll be able to stream my own higher resolution version of these things. *hint*


Lady Holiday said...

Wait, are you 12?

Donnie Barnes said...

It was for my kids! It was for my kids! It was...wait, what was it for again? Oh yeah, the kids! It's science, and they need practical examples.

I did seriously explain to Kevin what causes it, and I think he got it.

Lis said...

I thought some poor animal had been shot behind the barn, and I was all the way up at the shop. It had some serious echo. Since I found out what it was, I think it's super cool.

I'm working on that DC 2 liter for your next one . . . Give me 10 more minutes. :)