Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blog readers, the good, the bad, the mildly disfigured.

Okay, so they aren't that bad. But I have to stop and think. On the one hand, I find it very convenient that the Mac email program has the ability to let me subscribe to the blogs I want to follow and let me know when there are new posts. That's handy.

But on the other, I find that I no longer comment on my friend's blogs. It's a lot of extra clicks and the associated waiting to get the pages loaded to then comment. So I just don't do it. And I feel guilty about that, because as a blog writer, I like it when people comment. It lets me know that people are reading it, and gives me reason to continue to do it. I can't help but think most of my friends are the same way. Not that we wouldn't blog if we didn't get comments, but it's extra motivation and validation for what we do.

So what to do? I'm pondering this one and welcome your comments on what you do to solve this. Or what you think I should do. Or what you think I should watch on TV. Anything, just comment!


Lima Bean said...

I agree with the annoyance of the extra clicking and waiting to comment, but without the reader I would lose track of blogs that I really like.

Oh, and I am one of your mildly disfigured readers.

Em said...

no solution here. but maybe you should start watching fringe if you don't already. it's fab. or fringe-licious, as i like to call it.

Jane Elizabeth said...

Not comment? That's like not talking, not racing, not mountain biking or swimming. It generally goes against the Donnie grain. As one of the bloggers who was talked into blogging by you, I think it's probably a good idea to keep commenting :)

Personally, I enjoy the changes in profile the most. They are a true expression of creativity. BTW, you do know who you are, you just don't realize it.

If I told you what to watch on tv, would you really listen? Doubt it.

Lis said...

Em, Donnie already watches Fringelicious, but he's behind.

As you know, I reject the reader, because I like to be surprised by new posts, but I know I'm the minority.

I think you just suck up the extra clicks if you have something to say. But analytics tells people if it's being read, so you can assuage some guilt.

Lady Holiday said...

I say, stop being so lazy. If you have time to watch TV, you have time to click click.