Friday, September 4, 2009

US Healthcare vs the rest of the developed world

Some very interesting facts packed into a short, easy-to-read article. Thanks to Chris for posting this on Facebook. This is a great read if you want to know the direction we really need to be taking on healthcare reform. Get rid of for-profit insurance on healthcare and clean up administrative costs. Add in tort reform and the article would have covered it all!

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blizzard said...

Just another fact from another debate I heard a couple of days ago. Lawsuits are about (in terms of real dollars) 1-2% of costs in medical care. (Admin costs 20%, tee hee!)

Hard to guess how much of the indirect costs of extra tests, etc, are to CYA. People have tried to measure this and it's pretty hard. But there's a suspicion that some tort reform might keep doctors from having to order every test under the sun to avoid the danger of a lawsuit.

Hard stuff this is, hard stuff.