Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize? Seriously?

So the list of Nobel Peace Prize winners includes Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, and Nelson Mandela. And now we add Obama to the list? Why? Well, according to the committee “He has created a new international climate” with respect to his campaign goal of a "world without nuclear weapons." Maybe I'm crazy, but I didn't see his administration do anything different than any other administration has done since the Reagan years when it came to issues like Iran and North Korea doing nuclear work. Nothing, zip, zero. Can someone please enlighten me as to how he's done anything at all different or better?

The NY Times can't even come up with any good reasons for this selection. Their next stated reason was Obama's speech in Cairo. I admit that was well received, but I'm not sure I've seen much lasting effect. Even so, this speech wasn't so great it puts you on the Nobel Peace Prize list, I don't think. The next item they list is he sought to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. Who hasn't?!? Make some headway on that one and get back to me, will ya?

So could it be that the Nobel folks think he's going to do great things and that's why they gave him the prize? They say that's not the case, then all but say it is:
“We are not awarding the prize for what may happen in the future, but for what he has done in the previous year,” Mr. Jagland said. “We would hope this will enhance what he is trying to do.”
Let's look at some other items from Obama's campaign rhetoric that would have been things that might have won a Nobel Peace Prize:
  • closing the prison at Guantanamo: Still not done
  • ending the war in Iraq: Still not done
  • ending the war in Afghanistan: Going the OTHER way! It's getting worse!
And while not necessarily campaign promises, in reality we have North Korea doing whatever they please with respect to nuclear weapons, Iran doing more and not less since Obama took office (sure, the current trend is they now say they're willing to "talk", but that means unless we make concessions for them they're going to do what they want), and Israelis and Palestinians still going at it just like always.

All I can say is perhaps he did more for peace than anyone else did in the last year. That would be a sad state, but perhaps it is true. I certainly can't come up with anyone else who did anything significant at all. But maybe they should have just picked a current Iraqi government leader? Those guys are trying to help their country and are hunted in thanks for it. *sigh*

At any rate, another thing I find strange is that the Nobel Peace Prize has a cash award currently worth $1.4M. Wonder what President Obama is going to do with that money?


Angie said...

Hey....maybe he'll use the money to fund his healthcare bill. Or maybe pay off some of all the other debt he's secured for our kids and their kids.

Yeah. I'm still dumbfounded about it myself, as is everyone else I've talked to today.

Jeff F said...

Have you seen the SNL sketch about Obama not completing any of his campaign promises, it basically says exactly the same thing. It is pretty hilarious.

Donnie Barnes said...

Jeff, I had not seen it, but I went looking and I believe you mean this:

Wow, that's a better collection than I came up with. I love the "but I did kill a fly on TV" thing! Awesome. I gave up on SNL quite a while back, but more stuff like this could get me tuning in again. :-)

Jeff F said...

That is the sketch I was talking about. Pretty hilarious. I normally DVR SNL and fast forward through 90% of it. Occasionally there is something like this that is worth watching. I was just surprised that a fairly liberal national show was starting to take this stance.

Donnie Barnes said...

I've always felt like SNL was more than "fair" with their parodies of politicians...but I was concerned in this case that Obama wouldn't get "his due" for obvious reasons. Looks like my concerns were invalid, though! They jumped on him with both feet.

Of course, when Fox News says the same things it's just biased coverage. ;-)