Sunday, September 14, 2008

Companies: Make recycling easier!

So to recycle paper and cardboard products, they need to be as void of non-paper products as possible. Given that, why do companies insist on making packaging that's so hard to separate? Take Puffs tissue, for example (and there are many more). On the bottom of the box they proudly proclaim "Made from 100% recycled cardboard." Great. But why do they insist on that little plastic piece inside the top to help you dispense the tissues? Surely there is a way to achieve the same thing without the plastic. It's annoying to have to remove. I do it, but how many people just don't bother and toss it in the trash instead? Or recycle it that way and cause problems at the recycling center?

Or maybe that tiny amount of plastic is no big deal and nobody bothers to tell us that. I do know that if the packaging were more homogeneous this would all be a lot easier. And I've already been ranting against blister packs entirely, so other than to say "they are the tool of the devil," I'll skip them for now.

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