Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who's on first?

Here's the "official" write-up on that race I "lost" by .061 seconds. Rossini (the guy who built my motor!) ends up elevated from third to first thanks to the pit stop miscues by me and Bertok. Had I not been just a hair too fast, I would have been first. I'll take it!

SM... Who's on first, What's on second!

What an exciting SM race and O-what a last lap! But wait, paper is flying! Here's the situation--- He can't finish first because of a short pit penalty, but they can't finish first because they short pitted too. So let's put... no, no, you can't do that! That team was DQed because of (you guessed it) an illegal pit stop. Anyway, back to the race. We will sort all of this out in a minute.

On the green, Henry VanVurst found himself with an ill cam sensor and had to roll into the pit for a quick repair. Back on track, Cliff Brown led the first 16 laps of the highly competitive SM field, before making his mandatory 2 minute pit stop, while Ron Munnerlyn/Jerry Munnerlyn, Steve Bertok, Donnie Barnes, Ess White, and Michael Rossini all took a turn at 2nd place. Michael Rossini led the pack for laps 17 and 18 before coming in for his late race pit strategy. VanVurst had finally made it back to the front after his 1st lap stop, and led the last 4 laps of the SM field back to the finish line. Brown was running a close 2nd...that is until the last turn of the last lap. With the checker flying for the OA win, Brown found himself tangling with some other competitors and spun off course, while the SM entries of Bertok, Barnes, Rossini and White freight trained past. Brown was able to recover, and just barely nicked Jerry Malsam back to the line. And so it is, that is the way they finished on track.

Post race T&S results unfortunately showed that there were some short pit stops and one illegal stop. After much debate and several days of pouring over the situations and comparing them to the Official 2008 CCPS Rules, here is the way it officially ended up:

1st Michael Rossini
2nd Steve Bertok (Panic Motorsports)
3rd Donnie Barnes/Reid Allred (Tarheel Motorsports)
4th Estus White IV (E-4 Racing)
5th Cliff Brown (USMC)
6th Jerry Malsam (Dread Nought Racing)
7th Jerry Munnerlyn/Ron Munnerlyn (Jerry Munnerlyn)
8th Carl Cason Jr (Cason)
9th Mark Senior
10th Bill Cullen (Bill Cullen)
DNF Steve Fricker (St. Andrews Express Body Shop)
DQ Henry VanVurst (Rossini Racing Products)

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