Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Racing Schedule Update

For those wondering where to find me on the weekend, here's a rundown of where I'll be.
That's probably it for 2008, too. Seems like a lot except for the fact that the year doesn't seem like it should be nearly over. And yes, I'm driving from Topeka to Tooele from Wednesday late afternoon to Thursday by mid-day. Ugh. That's 1000 miles. Across the rockies. In a motorcoach with a big trailer behind it. Yay!

The MX-5 Cup race will probably be televised within a week or so after it happens. The Koni Challenge races may both be televised on Speed Channel in a tape delayed (and likely edited) fashion, too. And I believe I will have both family and friends present for the MX-5 Cup race! That's pretty cool since it's a long ways away. Can't wait!

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