Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just get a Mac

Okay, I've been using a Mac for several months pretty much exclusively. I do still have a Windows machine on my desk because I have some software that requires it, but my laptop is now a MacBook Pro. I can't just say I like it...I REALLY like it. What makes it better?
  • The UI is easy yet powerful and completely intuitive (at least once you drop your Windows-centric assumptions).
  • Fewer reboots required by a lot.
  • The hardware is really well made and seems it will last very well.
  • Apple stays on the cutting edge with cool features like the multi-touch touchpad.
  • Built in hardware like the webcam works great.
Apple used to pain me in how tightly they controlled their hardware. I used to think the competition offered on the PC platform thanks to the piecemeal nature was good. And at the time, it probably was. Now I feel like there are just far too many options competing and that requires far too many drivers on the Windows side and that's gotten impossible for Microsoft to keep things working together sanely. Apple just chooses the best bang for the buck to stick in their machines and makes sure the drivers work transparently. No conflicts between drivers, no strange issues. Things just work. At the end of the day, isn't that what it's all about?

Plus Apple has the best commercials.

My first Apple laptop was the MacBook Air. I do still love that device, but it's only good for the user who only does web, email, and documents. If you want to process any video or need to do a lot of image processing, it just doesn't quite have the horsepower. The Pro is wonderful in that respect. Apple still needs a machine in between the Pro and the Air, in my opinion. I don't need quite as many ports as the Pro and don't need quite as big a screen, but I do want the CPU and disk. But I'm pretty happy with the Pro as is, especially when compared to PC laptop options.

Is Apple worth the extra dough? I think they are.

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Lis said...

Wow, you just went and outed yourself on the internet.