Monday, June 9, 2008

Why I'm not getting an iPhone

I had many reasons for not wanting an iPhone before today. The biggest of which is that the Edge high speed network that the previous iPhone used was pretty terrible. Not very available and not very fast when it is available. But thanks to the ATT/Cingular merger, ATT now has a faster network, 3G. It's been wildly expanded, too. Apple announced today that the 3G iPhone will be available on July 11.

What did they improve other than the network, though? Many things. The biggest for most is that they now cost about half what they did originally. The next is the size...they are a good bit thinner. A cool feature I like is the addition of a GPS and mapping and navigation software, which should help folks that travel a lot. Given that it also has a camera and acts as an iPod, those of us who normally carry several devices can now carry just the one.

So why not get one now? The first devices will still max out at 16G of storage. I can't fit my music collection in that, and I feel like it's probably not too far off before they offer a larger model. I really need 32G at a minimum and would dearly love 64G. I currently use a 32G iPod Touch for music and love it, so a move to a 32G iPhone would be pretty great. I use a Blackberry World Phone for my phone and the one thing it has over an iPhone is the thumbpad. The iPhone/Touch requires you to use the screen for text entry and that works okay, but isn't as fast as the thumbpad and takes up valuable screen real estate to use it.

So for now I'll live with the two separate devices.


Anonymous said...

iPhone does have Bluetooth. Where did you get that idea?

Donnie Barnes said...

Oops, you're right. It's the iPod Touch that doesn't have it. I thought the iPhone must, but then looking at the features quickly there was no mention. Just checked the tech specs and it is there, though, so I edited my post accordingly.