Friday, June 27, 2008

Rappers Are So Smart

Robin Lopez was selected fifteenth in the 2008 NBA Draft by the Phoenix Suns and will become the backup center to Shaq. In the post-draft interview, he said “I know I’ve called myself tough before, so I guess this will really put it to the test. And whatever doesn’t kill me, will make me stronger, as Kanye West says.”

Uh, try G. Gordon Liddy in his autobiography. And he probably stole it from someone else. Like Nietzsche. And I'd just point out that Liddy is actually a more handsome man than Lopez. Which is pretty sad.



You be the judge.


Lima Bean said...

I'm surprised he didn't quote Michael Jackson--I read an article about the Lopez brothers in SI and they are both DIE HARD MJ fans.

He also could have said, "as Clay Aiken sings in his new song 'what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger'" Good old Clay.

Lis said...

Oh, Bean. You're such a Claymate.

Fresno representin'! Robin is really less cute than his bro, poor dear.

Shelley said...

If we're looking for original content from Kanye, I think you can safely credit him with "George Bush hates black people."

He might not have been the first to say it, but credit the man for saying it on live television. During a disaster fund raiser. Next to a perplexed Mike Myers.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if he realized he was quoting "Steel Magnolias" (Dolly Parton, in fact).... Do tough guys now watch chick-flicks?