Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day two at Miller Motorsports Park

So today we did the west course. I won't bore you with too many details other than to say that this day was a lot more seat time and a lot less classroom. Having to endure 20 minutes of what the various racing flags mean was kind of annoying, but stuff like that was to be expected. Even with stuff like that we still got more seat time than I wanted, so life was good.

I did continue to cook brakes, but it taught me some patience and different ways to be easier on them, which are valuable things in endurance racing. There were only two of us in the "school" cars today and four people in "challenge" cars. The challenge cars have much better tires, are 400 pounds lighter, and are geared differently. Oh, and they have a front splitter and big rear wing. I'm happy to say I was still faster than everyone driving those cars, too. So I suppose I did pretty well.

Most importantly, I've now seen pretty much every corner on the track I need for my upcoming race there in September. That was what this was all about, and I learned a few things more than that along the way. Money and time well spent! I do want to also add that the staff of the school were all really great. Nice people and talented racers and teachers.

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