Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great Grandpa Whisnant

Thanks to Shelley's blog entry, I couldn't help but remember my great grandpa Whisnant. I was fairly young when he died, but I have incredibly fond memories of him. Shelley's story of remembering something like her grandpa washing his feet every day reminded me of how amazed I was as a young child to learn that my great grandpa Whisnant woke up in the middle of the night almost every night and got up and had a snack (usually cheese and crackers). I begged him to wake me up so I could join him and he always said he might, but he never did it. I suppose the thought of waking up such a young kid in the middle of the night only to get stuck sitting up with him when he wouldn't go back to sleep frightened him...and with good reason! But one night I did wake up and did join him for that snack, and for that I'm truly grateful. There were no great life lessons shared or anything like that, just some good cheese and some good crackers and some damned fine company.


Lima Bean said...

Great post. It is always good to have a reason to remember grandparents. Ours were the source of every "green living" idea we ever practice. They were the ultimate recyclers, reusers, and master gardeners.

Where did you find that funny picture of crackers and cheese?

Donnie Barnes said...