Monday, August 6, 2012

The RV in video

I had a request from a loyal reader for some pictures of how we live in the RV.  I figured a video would do it better, so if you want to kill three minutes of your day, check this out:

Today we didn't have much on tap and somehow ended up with a late start.  But we headed toward Minturn on 24 to eat lunch with Matt leading the way since he had been there before (that's one of the places his adventures in search of a motorcycle tube ended up).  But yet again we find that any time Matt leads the way, we're in trouble.  As we rolled through Minturn we found a cute little town with shops and restaurants and outdoor type stores all over.  With one oddity...every restaurant was closed.  Seemed strange, but we rolled on to Vail and never saw anything we liked.  But as we had left Minturn we both noticed a bit too late a restaurant that had appeared open, but we were set to try Vail at this point so we rolled on.  But in Vail when we didn't find anything we wanted, we decided to head back to Minturn.  They're really only a couple miles away.

Back in Minturn we found THAT restaurant closed, too!  We stopped in a local fly fishing shop and asked where we could eat only to find out why the restaurants were all closed...they had a water main break that was still being repaired.  Ugh.  But he pointed us toward the town of Eagle-Vail and to a really good local spot called Route 6.  I had some REALLY good Mahi fish tacos, which I'd say is probably pretty rare in Colorado, and we headed back to Leadville.  I was leading this time, but that couldn't quite change our luck and we ended up riding through rain again to get home.  At least this time it was all pavement!

Today's workout is just a walk around town since it's time to taper nothing interesting to report there. 


Kristine said...

haha. this loyal reader thanks you for the tour. seems claustrophobic to sleep way up in that bunk.

Donnie Barnes said...

Everyone says that, but I swear it's not that bad. The ceiling is padded, so if you were to forget and try to sit straight up it wouldn't hurt you. But I can roll over and move around just as I would in any other bed and have never had a problem with the ceiling. I can even pretty much sit up with my laptop up there and it's fine, though I'm not quite as vertical as I would be in bed at home, it's still fine, too.