Friday, January 11, 2008

Eee PC upgrades...

Thanks to the folks on the forums at eeeuser, I modded my eee PC. The easy one was to put a 2G DIMM in it instead of the dinky 512M that it came with. The fun stuff was adding a four port USB hub, 16G FLASH memory stick, and bluetooth dongle all INSIDE the case. I stripped a four port hub of it's casing, LED, computer side plug, and the four USB side plugs. Then I stripped the casing and plug off of the bluetooth dongle and USB memory key. Then things got fun.

I used 30 gauge wire wrap wire to wire the devices directly to the hub (via soldering, not wire wrap) and the hub directly to the spare USB port on the motherboard. I routed the wires (which were encased in heat shrink tubing) for the bluetooth dongle into the lid and put that dongle up high inside the lid for best reception. I left the hub and the memory key in the expansion hole in the bottom of the machine. All worked great the first time, no hassles.

I even got to use my whiz-bang vacuum forming rig I got from to make a plastic "holder" for both the hub and the memory key that would separate it from the eee's motherboard so nothing would short. Worked great.

So now my device has four times the RAM (2G instead of 512M), five times the local storage (20G instead of 4G), and bluetooth. Next up, I install eeeDora and after that likely Windows XP (in dual boot mode, of course).

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