Sunday, January 27, 2008

Story time...

So Reid, Troy, and I go to lunch on Friday. Troy is telling us about a new song from Willie Nelson. He says it is a cover of a song from...and he can't remember who. He says "you know, that band Alisa loves and has a name that sounds like it's after a guy, but really is just a made up name or something." Okay, so that isn't a direct quote, but Reid and I had no idea who he was talking about. That was on the way to lunch.

During lunch it hits him.

"The Dave Matthews Band!" he exclaims. Huh? We had both forgotten there was an issue. He repeats it, then says that's who Willie was doing a cover of. We said "but you said the band name was some guy that wasn't really in the band!" He looked sort of blank and said "uh, yeah." We both sort of broke down at that point and had to point out that the lead singer of DMB is, in fact, Dave Matthews. "Oh."

That reminds me of a story from high school...I was at this camp between my junior and senior years with a bunch of geeks. We're talking about music and someone says their favorite band is Pink Floyd. "Ooh, I hate him" some chick exclaims. We got a big laugh out of that one, too.

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Lis said...

Riiiight, the best elevator music band!

"Loves" might be more of a past tense, btw. It's more on the lines of like. Wouldn't go to Charlotte by myself on a work night again, that's for sure. :)