Sunday, January 27, 2008

Not going to Pizza Hut again soon...

Okay, so it seemed like it might not be the best idea in the world, but then I thought "eh, it's a Pizza won't be bad."

Rewind to our usual family dilemma as we head down the driveway to go out for supper. "Where are we going?" Mom threw out Pizza Hut, and the kids jumped on it. That's strange since I don't know if they had ever even been to a Pizza Hut, but we all seemed to be in the mood for something "different" (yeah, I know, pizza is hardly "different", but this choice was for us).

So we head to the one on Estes Drive in Chapel Hill. We find a mostly empty parking lot and then inside a mostly empty restaurant. There were maybe three other tables populated. There seemed to be a lot of action behind the counter, but I (correctly) just assumed that was delivery business.

Took a couple minutes to seat us, which was annoying given how empty they were, but these things happen. Then it took around ten minutes just to get our drink and food orders. After waiting about fifteen minutes for food, I had to take one of the kids to the bathroom. UGH! It was horrible. I won't go into details here, but it was the nastiest bathroom I've seen in a major food chain. We had waited until fairly late for our family to go out to eat (had a previous appointment that ran a little late) and our time investment was large enough at this point that I wasn't going to leave just for that. They did at least have soap.

Sit back down and wait. And wait. And wait. Not once did anyone offer us WATER refills (we had ordered a kids pizza, a medium pizza, and breadsticks with cheese along with four waters). And when the clock said we had been there an HOUR with no food in sight, we got up to leave. Turns out it was just coming out as we were walking by the counter to leave, but I simply exclaimed that I wasn't waiting an hour for a pizza. Out we went to Chic-fil-A at the mall across the street. Clean restrooms, fast friendly service, and tasty food.

Both Pizza Hut and Chic-fil-A got emails from me. Chic-fil-A responded, but so far Pizza Hut hasn't.

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