Thursday, January 10, 2008

New gadgets

Okay, so I've been accused of being "too techie" on my blog. I thought about that for a while and even tried to come up with some non techie stuff. Guess what? It didn't much work.

So, my new gadget to try is the Eye-Fi card. Appears to be an SD card that will automatically publish your digital camera pictures to the web as you shoot them. Claims to work with all major photo publishing sites (including the open source package called Gallery that I use). I'll try to remember to report back on how it works.

My most recent gadget I've purchased that I like is the Cradlepoint PHS300. It's a router that lets you share your cell data connection via wifi. It's battery operated and rechargeable. When connected via USB to a Blackberry 8830 it will not only share the data connection but charge the Blackberry to boot. It also supports USB data dongles (I have a Sprint dongle for coverage where my Verizon Blackberry either has no service or doesn't have EVDO).

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