Saturday, October 25, 2008

Online Shopping Tip

Many online retailers offer promotions and the way to get them when you place an order is to fill in a "promotion code" or similar box during your checkout. I've recently found that any time I encounter one of these, I go to Google and search for the retailer name along with "promotion code" or "online coupon" or whatever that particular retailer calls it. Often you find forums or sites where people have posted promotion codes that are still valid. Even if they're not, it never hurts to try as usually these are nationally advertised promotions (like 10% off one item, etc) and you're just as entitled to use them even though you never actually saw the advertisement. Give it a try, it's worked several times for me! One time in particular saved me nearly $300!


Em said...

you should talk to nik about this. he's a little ocd about deals. there are also great websites for promotion codes: and (nik's personal favorite). the other day we got $48 wallets for $3 with these coupons. pretty slick deal.

Donnie Barnes said...

Yeah, is the one I've used the most, but it comes up when you do the google thing, so I didn't bother to mention it specifically.

Lis said...

Heh - I was coming to post about the can of worms in my family with It is an obsession.