Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The big hooded sweatshirt and its place in the universe.

Could there be a more valuable piece of clothing than the big hooded sweatshirt? Hmm, probably. But it's still a staple in any wardrobe. As I sit here sick, I'm extremely happy I have one. It's huge, soft, and warm. It's just comforting. But it's also versatile. You can throw one on over just about anything and stay warm in pretty cold temps. Go with the old standard of heather-gray and you can't get it dirty, and if you do you just about can't stain it. And it goes with anything. The big pocket can keep your hands warm all while holding the biggest of smartphones or iPods. The big hood can keep your head warm, too.

I took mine with me to Houghton, MI, last weekend, where the temps were in the teens. I didn't take gear for it, but we decided to rent snowmobiles one evening. Now, they will rent you helmets and a riding suit, but my big hooded sweatshirt was the only thing that would give me some neck protection. I got a helmet a little oversized and simply put my hood on and then put the helmet over it. Worked great.

Oh, and if you're worried you might split the rear of your pants somehow[*], wear your hoodie (an annoying, if not catchy nickname for the hooded sweatshirt). If you split your pants you can just remove your hoodie (yeah, you probably should have a t-shirt or something under it) and tie it around your waist. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

[*] This statement about splitting pants is in no way based on reality. It did not happen at a large public venue, it did not happen to me, and I do not own an extra hoodie because I had to buy one to cover the hole in my pants that I didn't have.


Lis said...

Thanks for not selling me out on the pants thing, there :)

Also, I would argue with the statement that you CAN'T get it dirty. Sure you can't see it, but I bet it's still there . . .

But you're right that sometimes a hoodie is all you need in life.

Jane Elizabeth said...

When I was reading the first part, I thought you could also use a Snuggie-one of those stupid blankets with sleeves you see on tv. But as I read on, I realized the versitality of the hoodie, especially when trying to cover your exposed bum. Nice.

BTW, one of my favorite blog posts ever, although I think your postscript should be in a slightly larger font ;)

Beechwood Metalworks said...

So did the hole in the pants drama spark the need to record what you eat everyday? ;)