Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Politics Sucks.

So the politicians are working on an "economic stimulus package."  Great.  We need that.  But why does it have to include a huge pile of line items like $3M to upgrade the clubhouse at some public golf course in nowheresville, Nebraska?  Or worse, read this article about the health care changes it includes.  Nevermind whether you even agree or disagree with the changes, why is it even in the bill?  This is the kind of thing that really drives me crazy about the US political system.  No, it's not about me being mad at the democrats because both sides do it.  They're always squeezing unrelated things into bills that they'd never get passed on their own.  

But the changes in that article are scary, too.  Health care is complex enough already.  It's hard enough to get good care as it is.  And now we're going to trust the federal government with the details of it?  No thank you.  As for all the individual line items like the clubhouse?  Like the old joke goes, a few billion here and a few billion there and pretty soon you're talking real money.

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