Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brett Favre "tainted" his legacy?

The talking heads are now asking silly questions in the wake of Brett Favre's retirement like "did he taint his legacy with his time with the Jets?"  Say what?  I don't think anyone looks at Michael Jordan's "legacy" in different thanks to his time with the Wizards.  As time passes people won't even remember the time with the Jets.  Why?  It wasn't memorable.  It wasn't horrible, nor was it Favre's fairly typical greatness.  Why?  He's old, and what he tried to do would have been difficult even if he weren't.  It's not easy to jump into a new system with new players and be great.  

Favre is a lock to go into the Hall of Fame.  He'll be remembered forever in Green Bay and elsewhere.  Taint his legacy?  Only if your definition of "legacy" has way too much "short term" or you expected him to work miracles with the Jets.  I mean it's the Jets, for crying out loud.

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