Monday, February 9, 2009

Why I envy coaches that get paid.

It's not about the money. Far from it. But at any level where you get paid to coach, you generally have closed practices. Which means no parents. At the volunteer level you're talking younger kids and the parents are going to hang around. Now, it's not that I'd do anything or even necessarily say anything different with the parents there than not. It's about the KIDS having their parents there. They can't help but yell at their kids when they think they're doing something wrong. The kids can't help but look to what their parents think after they do something.

I need their attention. I need it in a fairly undivided way because at least so far all the kids I've coached have been too young to multitask. I also feel like I'm a bit on two is for the kids, and the other the parents. Two sets of judges. Two sets of eyes on you. It's interesting.

Parents just want their kids to do well, and I respect that. I wouldn't be able to stay quiet on the sidelines very well, either. So it's human nature and we have to live with it. Especially since I'll never get paid to do this. I'm simply not worthy of that!

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