Monday, August 10, 2009

Discussing Politics

No, this isn't about politics itself, but about discussing politics. While some folks have always considered public discussions of politics to be somewhat taboo and others think it's ALL you should talk about, I've notice a trend. It seems like recent events have served to cause a lot more discussion of politics among those who "never" do that.

It might be easy to say "well, that's to be expected when you elect the first black president." Sure, I'd agree. But I think it goes beyond that. Sure, the economy is largely to blame for it, too. But I also think recent events have caused the government to get involved in so many facets of this country that they are now heavily and regularly involved in some item that almost every American cares about. We've got huge issues right now with insurance, banking, automobile manufacturing...the list goes on. And we're all touched by it not just in small ways, but in many cases large ways.

What I've found refreshing is that so much of the discourse really is positive. Sure, recent news stories have focused some attention on the outbursts of protesters at town hall meetings, but in even some of those cases we've really had nothing more than passionate speeches delivered by individuals who care perhaps a little too much. Sure, some people will always be around to go over the top, and those folks can be dealt with accordingly. But what I find refreshing is the volume of people getting involved.

At times I get upset at the two party system because all too often it's seemed like at least one of the candidates offered up was just so bad that you had little choice but to vote for the other one even though you really didn't like that one, either. Or you felt like abstaining because both were terrible. But those situations are usually a result of other elections and those people were voted to that position. Now I honestly think we'll see a lot more people asking a lot better questions of these candidates and my hope is that a lot more good ones rise to the top rather than what we've seen lately.

I can dream, can't I?

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