Friday, August 28, 2009

Goodbye, Don't Bring a Trailer

You might notice some new posts intermingled with original ones on my blog today. Those are the content from my now-defunct "Don't Bring a Trailer" blog. That site was a bit of a parody on the very popular Bring a Trailer website, but those guys felt there were some trademark issues there, so they are buying us out. I can't disclose the financial terms of the deal, but let's just say they are substantial. They have to be, since I can't disclose them. And the coolest thing is I can still keep blogging with those interesting vehicle finds, I just can't associate them with that name any more, so I probably will and just post them here. You'll find all the past content under the "dbat" label. Enjoy.


Jeff F said...

Well, I was a big fan of your site. That is too bad that it can't continue, but hopefully you were handsomely rewarded. I'll look forward to your future "interesting vehicle finds".

Donnie Barnes said...

Well, the part about compensation was somewhat of a joke. We're getting compensated, but it definitely isn't a "handsome reward." I'll probably continue a bit of the "best of the best" kind of stuff I find here, though!