Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hiking near Blowing Rock with the Conservation Trust for NC

Through a strange twist of fate Ashley and I found ourselves doing a hike today with Ashley's sister, Hilary, and some folks from the Conservation Trust for NC. The hike was around five and a half miles and almost all downhill (they left shuttle vans at the downhill end of the trail which was quite awesome). I'll post my GPS track from it soon, but can't tonight. The above was one of many beautiful waterfalls along the hike.

Anyway, the highlight of the trip was Thunder Hole waterfall (which is not the one pictured above). A very pretty little waterfall and swimming hole that I and a few of the others on the hike decided to take advantage of. Here's a short video of me going behind the waterfall and then through it back out:

And here is another video of me sliding off the top of the waterfall and into the water:

A huge thanks to John Bell and Johnny Wilson for working so hard to put on this event, and it was great meeting a lot of awesome new folks today. We look forward to seeing you all at future events. And for those of you reading my blog who weren't there, please consider donating to CTNC! They are doing some great work to help conserve NC's beauty. They not only buy land to conserve it, but they fight to stop the forest service from logging land already owned by the government. Thunder Hole won't be the same if they lose their current battle to stop the Globe logging project, for example. Visit their site and help if you can!


Lady Holiday said...

You joined the CTNC! Do you know my old boss, Joe, is on the board? At least I think he still is, so you might be invited to events at his house out in Hillsborough now.

Donnie Barnes said...

It's funny, I hadn't actually "joined" when you said that, but I have now. And I don't see Joe on their board, so maybe he was but isn't now. *shrug*

Lady Holiday said...

I checked--he's on the honorary board. Maybe he got tired of hosting fundraising events and junk and has now retired into the shadows of honorary status, but he used to be super involved when I worked at the gallery. We were always licking the envelopes of stacks of CTNC event invitations.

Anyway, good for you for joining! I think its a good thing.