Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last day of the trip...

...and I'm kicking back again while everyone else enjoys one last quick ride. I had a blast on my two rides, but that was all my body had in it for a four day period. My knees are creaky, and the rest of me just aches. Hopefully they get their ride in before the rain gets here...seems they might just luck out. We'll see.

I should mention some more about yesterday...we had to cross streams about ten times. Creeks? No, streams. And one river, I believe. Most all were mid-shin deep with one being just above knee deep. A few rides were attempted across, but in general everyone just carried their bikes. The streambeds were mostly pretty large rocks, so riding it wasn't terribly possible since you couldn't always see thanks to shadows and small whitecaps.

We did see some very cool waterfalls (none huge, but still cool) and the best part was a giant overlook with a huge rock face we could stand on to take it in. We could see for miles and miles and not see anything man-made. Unfortunately I didn't take a camera, but other guys did so hopefully I can get the pictures from them and post them at some point.

The trip has been really great...everyone on it is really great to be around. Hopefully I can get in better shape and do it again next year!


Lima Bean said...

It really sucks to get old and have your body go creaky and achy.

Donnie Barnes said...

Beats the alternative!