Thursday, May 15, 2008

Riding in Pisgah

In a word, wow. The trails are amazing. Unfortunately, I'm having a tough time keeping up with the folks that drug me out here! I'm showing that we went 14.7 miles with a max speed of 18.1MPH and we were moving 3 hours and stopped for 52 minutes. Total ascent? 2600 feet! The max elevation we saw was just over 4000 feet.

No wonder I'm wiped. Here's a Google Earth image of our route...

Not sure I'll make it out of the cabin tomorrow. They definitely will, but my legs might need a day. Or two.


Lis said...

I knew they were serious, but wow. That is quite a trail. And a super nerd way to tell us about it.

Lima Bean said...

We have a Pisgah out here in Oregon too. It's more of a hiking mountain than a biking mountain, but probably near as beautiful. That's quite a ride--how's your backside? Ow. I'm hurting for you. Really sorry about your car, BTW.

Donnie Barnes said...

LB, just updated the blog with today's "activities." cough

Backside is just fine. I've ridden enough lately that I don't have that problem, just not enough miles to keep up with these guys (and definitely not enough to handle BIG mountain climbs!). I'm just completely and thoroughly exhausted. I can only guess I lost five to ten pounds yesterday.

As for the car, don't worry. It'll be back better than before.