Monday, May 5, 2008

One Lap: Events five and six done!

Event seven won't happen...the drag strip was canceled due to weather. We ran both events at Texas World Speedway pretty much in the pouring rain. The first group of the morning session had a wet track, but not much actual rain going on. Their cars had no rooster tails. Leh was in the second group, however, and it started raining pretty good for that group and those cars all had big rooster tails for the entire run. Leh ended up seventh, which was pretty good considering.

In the next session it was pretty much just raining continually for everyone, which was fine since it was equal for everyone. The gaps were much closer and Leh wasn't far out of second, but ended up fourth. Those two strong finishes moved us up to second overall, but third and fourth are gaining on us fast as they are both doing very well. We'll need some luck to stay this far up, but there's still a lot to go.

After a bad start to the event with a poor wet skid pad showing, Ian Stewart has really gotten that GT3 humming. The car looks great and he's driving great. If he would have had some skid pad practice beforehand, he'd probably be leading now. Great job, Ian!

And now for something you're really gonna dislike:

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