Sunday, May 4, 2008

One Lap: Events three and four in the books!

Well, yesterday was a long day, but we did get in bed just before midnight and got up at 6am to make it to the track on time. Leh went out in the third run group (little demotion!), but set eighth fastest time for the morning event, which moved us back to fourth overall and first in class. We had time to kill before we ran the same thing again at 12:30, so we watched some race video and talked to folks.

In the second event Leh went out and kicked butt pretty good to get fifth overall and keep us in fourth for the event overall. Mid America only has one straight that isn't terribly long, so the big HP cars didn't have a huge advantage on us. We're also helped by the fact that DaVia is having some trouble with his ECU and isn't able to run at near full power (he still has more HP than us even in his detuned state, though he was still handicapped more in the afternoon today because he didn't detune it enough to avoid bigger problems).

We're in pretty great shape right now as we keep hitting the road faster than just about everyone and we just don't stop for anything other than fuel, food, and bathroom and we almost always make each stop entail some combination of those things. We should be in the bed by 1:30am localtime tonight and won't need to be up until 6:30 or so, maybe even a bit later. So we're in great shape in the sleep department. Well, at least compared to most folks. We heard stories today of people mostly not getting in to bed until well after 2am on average with some sleeping in the bathroom at the track and stuff. Sleeping in cars wasn't much of an option last night where we were as it got a little below freezing!

And for more evidence of my natural videography talent:

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