Saturday, May 10, 2008

One Lap: Would I do it again?

Yeah, pretty sure I'll try to do it again next year. I'm not entirely sure what I'll do to the Cayman, but it's likely going to get a significant horsepower boost. While Leh and I had a great time, I think he'll likely do something a little different, so I'll be looking out for a codriver. There's a few things I'll change otherwise, but nothing terribly significant.

On the trailer front, I'll likely build version 2.0 of the trailer (well, have it built) and then speed test it at CMP. I'm thinking about putting full data acquisition on it as well as video and perhaps even a crash test dummy. It'll have a full aerodynamic package that's wind tunnel tested, too.

Or perhaps I'll just add some storage and lower the center of gravity some and not go too fast for the trailer around corners. *cough*

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Beechwood Metalworks said...

Aww c'mon. Let's do the first one!