Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here he is.

Here is Indy, our new dog. Yes, he's in a stall in the barn while he recovers from his minor surgery. He gets out a good bit to play, though. He's very house broken, so we have to let him out often!

He had fun today getting to know Clint a little more. Clint is a paint horse baby we've got who has only been weaned a few months. Indy had to stay on the leash as I don't think he's quite ready for independent interaction with Clint yet. But both did want to play.


B1mmer said...

Very cool dog Donnie. Congrats.

Donnie Barnes said...

Thanks. He's not at all the kind of dog I thought I'd end up with, but I think he's gonna be great. Sometimes it pays to let a dog find you instead of going out looking for one. *shrug*