Monday, January 12, 2009

New Dog!

I'll get some pics soon, but we've officially got a new dog in the Barnes household. His name is Indy, short for Indiana (notice any connection to my current blog theme and our new dog?). He appears to be full blooded pitbull, but he's very non-aggressive. He wants to chase any critter I'll let him chase, but it's to play, not to fight or attack. He wags his tail more than any dog I've ever seen. He is very young, probably around two, and is rambunctious as can be because of that.

My aunt found him in the road near her house. She took him in for fear he'd get hit by a car and put up fliers all over near her house looking for the owner. He had no collar, no microchip, and appeared well cared for in his previous life. Maybe someone just turned him out hoping he'd find a better home due to money? I don't know. But he seems like he'll fit in very well here once we get him fixed and get some training in him. For now he loves attention and would be the world's toughest lap dog if you'd let him. He appears to be incredibly inquisitive and seems to be learning fairly fast and thus is pretty smart. Time will tell on that.

He's a gorgeous brown and white with a split colored face. Should be fun getting to know and train him. Hopefully he doesn't turn into a Marley.


Lady Holiday said...

You are the second person I know who has blogged today about adopting a stray dog. He sounds cute! Good luck with the training.

Shelley said...

Wonderful! Congrats.

How are Jasper & Sandi reacting?

Donnie Barnes said...

They're basically fine with him, but he's not been left in the kennel with them, either. We'll see how that goes tomorrow, I think. Biggest problem may be that Indy can likely exit the system any time he wants, so hopefully he'll find the companionship a compelling reason to stay. He's quite a leaper.