Wednesday, January 7, 2009

UPS is not doing well.

Just a heads up for those of you used to things arriving via UPS by certain timeframes. They're really starting to miss badly. It's usually only a day, but I've had several shipments lately that were late. Something like four out of the last six or seven, with at least one being a couple days late. That's sort of strange, but rumors have them cutting a lot of corners lately (supposedly thanks to the economy, but I believe there were signs of this long before that).

Just a word of warning. Do not trust shipping estimates or even UPS's own chart.


Jane Elizabeth said...

So this blog post comes within hours of me sending a package UPS that has a pretty strict deadline. The problem lies in the alternative...? the post office? not so reliable in mid-short term shipping (i.e. 2-3 days). Do you think the "I'm way out in the country with a relatively new address" factor plays into it at all?

Shelley said...

Our UPS guy said that our delays were weather-related from the winter storm that hit a lot of the country at Christmas.

I know that at my parents in IL they didn't deliver for a week because of icy roads.

It seems like weather-related delays should clear up pretty quickly, so I'd be interested to hear if you continue to have delays over the next couple of weeks.

Donnie Barnes said...

I've been getting a LOT of packages via UPS here for a LONG time. This "new" address has been in effect for over a year, and the UPS drivers out in this neck of the woods are all really experienced. I track stuff often and usually the delays are somewhere other than near here.

Now I admit I could have caught a bad run of things needing to get through areas with bad weather. But I've heard of a lot of people leaving UPS lately who were fed up with how management has changed and such. I've also heard stories about recruiting functions having 60 of the 80 people that showed up just walking out because they were lied to about what the job would entail they were being recruited for.

Things are not well there, IMHO.

Unknown said...
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