Thursday, January 15, 2009


Can't companies streamline how much packaging we need to move products around safely? Case in point, I wanted two bottles of my Garden of Life supplements. Alisa ordered them for me from The Vitamin Shoppe. The came in a cardboard box almost shoe-box sized. It could have easily held three, perhaps four, times more product than it had. The rest of the space was taken up with packing peanuts, the most annoying material in the world (in their defense I believe they were the water-soluble kind and not styrofoam, but that just means they're more environmentally friendly while being INCREDIBLY ANNOYING).

Then the supplements themselves are in boxes (about the size of a light bulb box). Open that and remove the bottle. The plastic bottle is encased in clear celophane type plastic, only the harder stuff that you need a knife to cut off. Cut that off and unscrew the childproof lid and you find another "safety seal" you have to peel off the top. Then off course remove and toss the big cotton ball.

All this to get 360 pills into my hands inside two not so big bottles. It's really nuts. And don't get me started on blister packages. sigh

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Lis said...

Think if the Vitamin Shoppe (don't get ME started on that spelling) sold all their stuff in bulk. That would be a dream. You could refill one bottle over and over.