Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bad Economy Helps Gene Pool!

So if the economy is bad, then elective medical procedures go down. One popular type of elective medical procedure is plastic surgery. Without plastic surgery, people who need plastic surgery to attract a mate may not be able to and thus may not procreate. So just when you thought nothing good came from the bad economy, think again!

May not be worth it, though, huh? I mean after all, the economy probably isn't so bad that people can't afford allergy medication, and that's another gene pool dilution device. Just something to think about!


Jane Elizabeth said...

I'm not even sure I can find the words to respond.

Em said...

haha. how do you think of these things?

Lady Holiday said...

I heard on NPR that people aren't having less elective surgeries, rather they are going to other countries to have procedures done, because its way cheaper. So, does that affect your theory?

Donnie Barnes said...

No, because I don't believe the NPR story on elective surgery was accurate. It's probably that they don't have recent enough data -or- elective surgery isn't down as much *yet* because I'm sure some of it is scheduled kind of far out. It will be affected if it isn't already.

I do believe there was a trend to go overseas, certainly. But I'm sure that's down, too. But why anyone would want "cut rate" surgery is beyond me!