Sunday, January 11, 2009

I hate blue LEDs

Ever since the advent of the cheap LED, electronics manufacturers have planted them in every device they can, many with no way to turn them off. Ah, but enter the age of the blue LED! It's so different, not only can the electronics manufacturers not stay away from them in some putrid attempt to make their products stand out, now every manufacturer who makes ANYTHING that uses electricity has to use them. Case in point, our new humidifier. It has two LEDs, one blue, and both are on when the device is on. For NO REASON. This is maddening. I don't need a light to tell me the thing is on. I can hear it. I can see it. I can FEEL it if I need to. What I don't need is YET ANOTHER GADGET lighting up what would otherwise be the calm darkness of my bedroom. I'm sick of having to modify things to make lights go away.

What's great is this one hides the things behind a translucent plastic, so a small piece of tape doesn't even suffice. ARRRRGH!!!

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